The GB Belt is an essential part of the Gracie Barra Uniform. The Belt shows the student's level. The Belt System Definition is a follows: “The ranking system designed to recognize and reward students’ progress and establish an objective criteria for separating students by experience level, allowing the instructor to plan and adjust the best training to each level.” The goal of many students entering bjj classes is to one day earn a black belt. The belt system provides a means of recognition and reinforcement of a students progress along the way. From the GB ICP (Instruction Certification Program): “Master Carlos is always very clear in defining the belt as an individual achievement based on one’s progress against his or her own potential. The belt system represents progress against one’s potential and achievement of technical, time and attendance requirements.

GB Belt - White


The official Gracie Barra White Belt has the black bar for promotional stripes. For size information please send an email to *The images are only illustrative and may differ in colour and model from the actual belt...

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