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Here you can find exclusive official Gracie Barra accessories to represent the Red Shield inside and outside of the mats. Oss!

  • Barra Fit Boxing Gloves

    The Barra Fit fitness gloves are durable synthetic gloves will help you to improve even more your workout.A tapered, wrap-around closure provides secure wrist support, while the hook & loop closure allows you to take...

  • Elite Pads

    The Elite Pads have the following features: - Adicional gel strike technology across strike surface for heavy hitters - Premium leather - Pre-curved comfort build-in wrist stabiliser - Contoured palm support for impact...

  • G Barra Key Ring - Red

    GB Key Ring Red Specifications:   The GB Key Ring Red has a double sided resin printed dome.   Width 30mm Height 30mm Depth 4mm   * Extra mini silver tag (laser...

  • Grunt Pads

    The Grunt Pads have the following features: - Premium leather - Pre-curved comfort - Built-in wrist stabiliser - Contoured palm support for impact control - Ventilation panels

  • Hand Wraps

    The stretch hand wraps present the following features: - 400cm stretch wraps - Velcro closure - Designed for wrist stability and knuckle padding - Available in colour black (details can be white or...

  • Kick Shield

    The Kick Shield has the following features: -High density internal foam -Pre-curved ergonomic design -Specially designed for heavy leg kicks and ground work -Dual handle for secure hold

  • Gracie Barra Convertible Backpack

    The new GB Backpack is hard wearing and built to last. It has a few new features, like hard case at the top for vauables. It has a nice new pocket at the back for your laptop, so whether its a days training or a days work...

  • GB Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone Mouse Pad

    The GB Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone Mouse Pad has a thick rubber sponge base, light weight, yet solid feel.   Measurements: 235mm x 190mm

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