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Here you can find exclusive official Gracie Barra accessories to represent the Red Shield inside and outside of the mats. Oss!

  • Barra Beanie

    The GB Jiu-Jitsu Beanie is made of 100% Acrylic. It has a 3D logo on the front and on the back of the beanie. One size fits most.

  • Barra Fit Boxing Gloves

    The Barra Fit fitness gloves are durable synthetic gloves will help you to improve even more your workout.A tapered, wrap-around closure provides secure wrist support, while the hook & loop closure allows you to take...

  • Barra Fit Towel

    The Barra Fit Towel was elaborated by Gracie Barra for fitness classes and martial arts classes. It is made of microfiber and weights 300gsm. It has an embroidered logo. Barra Fit Towel Measurements: 60cm x...

  • Elite Pads

    The Elite Pads have the following features: - Adicional gel strike technology across strike surface for heavy hitters - Premium leather - Pre-curved comfort build-in wrist stabiliser - Contoured palm support for impact...

  • G Barra Key Ring - Red

    GB Key Ring Red Specifications:   The GB Key Ring Red has a double sided resin printed dome.   Width 30mm Height 30mm Depth 4mm   * Extra mini silver tag (laser...

  • GB Jiu-Jitsu Cap (PRE-ORDER)

    The GB Jiu-Jitsu Cap Black has a 3D embroidery logo and a curved brim snapback. The logos on the side are also embroidered. The size is adjustable. It is made of 100% Acrylic.  

  • Grunt Pads

    The Grunt Pads have the following features: - Premium leather - Pre-curved comfort - Built-in wrist stabiliser - Contoured palm support for impact control - Ventilation panels

  • Hand Wraps

    The stretch hand wraps present the following features: - 400cm stretch wraps - Velcro closure - Designed for wrist stability and knuckle padding - Available in colour black (details can be white or...

  • Kick Shield

    The Kick Shield has the following features: -High density internal foam -Pre-curved ergonomic design -Specially designed for heavy leg kicks and ground work -Dual handle for secure hold

  • Gracie Barra Convertible Backpack

    The new GB Backpack is hard wearing and built to last. It has a few new features, like hard case at the top for vauables. It has a nice new pocket at the back for your laptop, so whether its a days training or a days work...

  • GB Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone Mouse Pad

    The GB Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone Mouse Pad has a thick rubber sponge base, light weight, yet solid feel.   Measurements: 235mm x 190mm

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